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About Me

Photography started as a hobby many years ago in the 1980s. It became more serious – and enjoyable – when film gave way to digital in the 90s as this ended the mess and difficulty of storing negatives. Digital also took away the anxiety of waiting for days for film to be processed.

The hobby remained a serious pastime until I retired in 2020 from a desk-bound job. Photography is now “work that I like”.

I have explored many areas in the field and my range of interests is wide. It goes beyond the portfolio I have put up here. I love to experiment and have an affinity for boldness and creativity in images. Am always on the lookout for new areas to explore.

A big thank-you goes out to all the people who have worked with me on shoots on my journey to where I am now. They have stood under bright lights during lunch breaks and after work; and also sometimes trudged through small forests to make a good photo.

Contact me if you think I can do some work for you.

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